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Начало » 2008 » Июнь » 11 » Opera 9.50 Build 10057 RC
Opera 9.50 Build 10057 RC
Opera 9.50 Build 10057 RC

Вышла обновленная версия популярного браузера Opera. Это – один из самых быстрых и гибких в настройке браузеров. Используя скины, пользовательские панели и другие средства настройки интерфейса, его внешний вид можно изменять до неузнаваемости. Программа позволяет "на лету" отключать и включать графику, а также может похвастаться фирменной технологией масштабирования веб-страниц, благодаря которой пользователи браузера практически никогда не видят горизонтальной прокрутки.

Opera started out as a research project in Norway's largest telecom company, Telenor, in 1994, and branched out into an independent development company named Opera Software ASA in 1995. Opera Software develops the Opera Web browser, a high-quality, multi-platform product for a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products.

Opera is known as the fastest and smallest full-featured browser, a first choice for people using older PCs and Windows 95 and a brilliant alternative to the default IE from Microsoft. Opera, first of all, is client World Wide Web, that is the program for extraction of the information from WWW as the documents created with help HyperText Markup Language (language of a marking of hypertext HTML).
Low requirements to resources of system. Opera will work even on 386 computer about 6 MB of operative memory. MDI the interface. You can open without special expenses of memory any quantity of windows inside one working window, having chosen thus a tabulared or cascade mode.

• The world's fastest...now even faster. Even though it's hard to imagine, we made Opera faster.
Following the release of Opera 9 last year, we re-wrote Opera's rendering engine for the coming Opera 9.5 release. As a result, Opera 9.5 contains more than a year's worth of speed, standards and performance improvements. Some enhancements include:

Some enhancements include:
* Faster and less-memory intensive ECMAscript engine
* A greatly improved layout algorithm
* The font-rendering speed is improved significantly, along with the tiling of bitmaps
* More responsive user interface

Internal benchmarks show up to 50 percent increase in speed compared to the previous core version in Opera 8. But, performance is more than just showing Web pages faster. Performance is about making your browsing experience more enjoyable and productive. In the past, we introduced much-loved and powerful features like Tabbed browsing, Mouse gestures, Fast Forward and Rewind, Speed Dial all designed to make you get more out of your time browsing the web. With Kestrel we add another powerful feature to this family:

• Synchronize: The preview
Log in just once. Then access your stuff anywhere, anytime.
A new Internet revolution is under way and millions of people are now surfing their favorite Web sites every day. But they're not just browsing on their computers. Instead, they're browsing from practically any device mobile phones, TVs, game consoles, PDAs. In fact, Internet users today tend to browse from various devices throughout the day.

• Full History Search
Have you ever read something interesting, but then later struggled to find your way back to that same small portion of a Web page? Now you can say goodbye to that problem. With Opera 9.5, we introduce full history search - search the complete Web pages you visited, but without requiring you to bookmark them.
Unlike previous and other browser history searches which only look at the URLs of the pages you have visited full history search searches the actual content of the Web pages you have visited. When typing a keyword, Opera 9.5 will automatically search the text of Web pages in your history.
Moreover, we have directly integrated Full History Search into the URL field of the Opera 9.5 browser, making it extremely easy and quick to find what you're looking for.

• Status bar with Zoom and Image control
Opera's excellent zoom function and the bandwidth saving control of images are now made easily available on the Status bar. Tip: Add your own buttons like the developer console to the Status bar.

• Restore closed windows and changes in Speed Dial
Kestrel has an improved version of the much loved trash-can feature by adding support for opening closed windows, not only the closed tabs. You can also use the undo function now for Speed Dial.

• Improved BitTorrent™ performance
We added support for BitTorrent Peer Exchange to allow you to connect to more download hosts and improve your download speeds.

• Platform integration
We worked to make Kestrel feel even more integrated with your platform. Mac users can expect a nice new visual look and feel, while Opera for Linux will add a QT4 build, so you can easily adjust your skin to match the desktop. 64-bit Linux/FreeBSD packages will also be available.

• VoiceOver support
Kestrel adds support for Apple's screen reader "VoiceOver" found in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. This allows visually impaired Opera users to more easily use all of the features in the browser. For more details, please see: www.apple.com/accessibility/voiceover

• Skin
Our skins in Opera 9.5 feature improved conformance to Apple Human Interface Guidelines. We have also added a new native skin with a brushed metal appearance, for those of you in to that sort of look.

• Mail improvements
Kestrel features great stability and performance to Opera's integrated email client, M2. We've added a new mail backend and new IMAP support. M2 is also much faster than in previous versions of Opera.
Note to existing M2 users: Please be aware that you will need to install this version on top of your existing Opera version to use this version for mail. Opera will then re-index all your email, something which can take several minutes if you have thousands of emails.

Opera 9.50 Build 10057 RC
Changes in Opera 9.50 Build 10057 RC:
# Copied the latest Dragonfly to the live servers - Check out their blog for the latest info
# Various stability fixes
# Opera no longer wants to update a nonexistent mail store when upgrading from 9.2 to 9.5
# 'Download message bodies' is now enabled on all POP accounts
# Fixed a loss of filter rules on upgrade from 9.2
# Fixed an issue with a missing Panel button
# Fixed an issue where the 'New tab' toolbar was hidden behind the panel toggle button when no tabs were open
# Added sharper panel selector icons
# Fixed dragging of multiple items in the bookmark manager
# Fixed Russian and German dictionary search
# Improvements in backwards compatibility with skins
# Fixed login with cookie on the 31st of all months bug

OC: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Интерфейс: Русский / Multilanguage
Размер: 8,6 Mb

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